Our name and reputation are the most important assets we have. Unfortunately, they are also the most fragile because we don’t have total control over them. The attorneys of Howry, Breen & Herman are especially passionate about representing employees, executives, individuals, and businesses who have been harmed by defamation. This includes defamatory statements made about your products or services.

Don’t underestimate the damaging potential of libel or slander. Libel and slander put you in jeopardy of:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Unfair employment practices
  • Damage to your professional reputation
  • Losing the ability to work in your field
  • Business loss or failure

Defamation is serious and you should not take it lightly. You can rest assured we won’t. We will do everything we can to repair the damage to your reputation and your ability to earn money. If you are a victim of slander or libel, take the first step to restoring your good name, and call us at 1.800.404.9441.

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